1994 MFA Sculpture, University of Texas at Austin
1990 Artist in Residence, Vermont Studio Center
1985 BFA Painting, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1982 Associate - Liberal Arts, Cape Cod Community College, Barnstable, MA


2014-19  Phoenix Rising Bailey, CO > Burning Man > Glastonbury, UK
A steel installation with fire effects, designed to be interactive: it's flames will pulse to the beat of the participants heart. Phoenix was partially funded by Apogaea, the Colorado Regional Burn and FreezerBurn of Texas. The project recently received funding to complete the fire effects system for exhibition at Burning Man 2019. Plans are in the works to display her at Glastonbury Festival, UK in 2020. Materials: Steel, found objects, flame effects. Dimensions: 32' x 25' x 10'

2016-17 Phaya Nāgas Mosaic Swing Set | Smither Park, Houston
The concept for this project was inspired by the mythical serpent-like creatures believed to live in the Mekong River and estuaries of Thailand, and as I had seen wrapped around the handrails of temples I had frequented throughout my travels there. Commissioned by the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art and the Smither family; Smither Park, Houston, Tx.

2015-17 Twin Flames Fire Station #6 City of Dallas | Office of Cultural Affairs
The conceptual design for this site-specific work was comprised of drawings and digital renderings which responded to a need for art at the new City of Dallas Fire Station #6 location. A homage to 911 firefighters, these flame like structures will stand 9 and 11 feet tall and contain fire like lighting. Install date: May/June 2016.


2020-21 Upcoming Project Trinity del Fuego TX
An installation consisting of three 12-16 ft tall metal sculptures representing the triple Goddesses Inanna, Hekate, and Medusa. They form a circle, have fire effects, and guard a central cauldron dedicated to Brigid, the Godess of Blacksmithing, Poetry, and Midwifery. Inanna carries a flaming torch; Hekate has a wood burning cauldron embedded in her steel trunk; and Medusa's snakes spit fire and her tail contains a working forge. 

2015-19 Conceptual Designer Spiral Maze TX
Seeking funding and site for this interactive installation that makes political commentary on the building of Border walls between the United States and her Mexican neighbors.

2012-Present Conceptual Designer/Director Draka the Dragon NV > TX
2012 Received funding to furbish for the 25th Anniversary of the Houston Art Car Parade. Then toured her to attend Burning Flipside and FanFest downtown Austin. 2004-08 Oversaw transport of Draka from Nevada to Houston. Managed volunteers, and directed the continual restoration and maintenance of the piece for showing in the Houston Art Car Parade. Originally created in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, Draka is a 112-ft long, mobile, fire-breathing beast built on a truck pulling three trailers. She blows a 50-ft. burst of flame and is made of mostly recycled materials: 55-gallon steel drums & old cedar shakes. Inside the bowels of this beast reside a full bar, elegant décor, room for live music, and plush seating that can accommodate 50 to 75 people. The creation of Draka was inspired by the book Wicked: The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. On May 14, 2002 an accidental fire sparked by a welding machine sent Draka’s belly up in flames. From the ashes, Draka’s original construction was reconsidered then reconstructed - contributing to her metamorphosis which continues to this day. Funded by the Burning Man Art Festival, Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, Houston Art Car Museum, and private donors. See

2002 Conceptual Designer/Director Dahud-Ahes the Mermaid NV
As with Draka, I was one of the top five featured artists at the Burning Man Art Festival. Working with 30+ volunteers in a harsh desert environment, I oversaw the construction of this large-scale outdoor work of art in conjunction with the rebuild of Draka after her accidental fire. Concept is based on a myth surrounding a Breton princess named Dahut. The project was partially vandalized then destroyed before vision was completely realized. 41’x13’x25’ Materials: Steel, 55-gal steel drums, and found objects.

1999 Designer Diana : Fertility Goddess as Sundial Black Rock Desert, NV
A group of 15 volunteers helped me construct this 12-ft tall mud clad fertility Goddess that functioned as a real sundial. The finalé was a performance that climaxed with the igniting & burning of the Goddess: documented on video; photos incorporated into a handmade book. Materials: Steel, metal lath, clay, found objects, pyrotechnics, black powder, firewood, and red & grey gravel.


2011 Guest Artist Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction Atlanta, GA
A project designed by Charlie Smith and partially funded by Burning Man. I worked with Charlie and other artists on the fabrication of four magnificent metal Fire Bird cauldrons. We held welding & metal fabrication workshops every other weekend, and inspired many to create with metal and fire! See:

2010 Assistant Artist Gon Kirin Project Oakland, CA
Working alongside a group of artists, I was responsible for cutting, shaping and welding scales made from 55-gal steel drums and expanded metal to the neck and legs of this mobile installation. Concept and design by Ryan Doyle and Teddy Lo. Exhibited at Burning Man Art Festival Aug 30-Sept 6.

2010 Lead Artist – Big Art Studios The Infinitarium Oakland, CA
As one of six lead artists, I oversaw volunteers in the design and production of two “Root” benches, which served as extensions to La Fleur, the centerpiece for an over-sized botanical garden made of salvaged steel. I created a maquette, taught welding and metal fabricating workshops to potential volunteers, and performed general hands-on grinding, welding, and bending techniques. Concept & Direction by Karen Cusolito and Dan das Mann. Installation traveled to EDC Los Angeles; Outside Lands San Francisco; and Burning Man. See: and


2019 Burning Man Honorarium, San Francisco, CA / Black Rock City NV
2018 FreezerBurn Art Installation Grant,
Austin, TX
2017 Pre-Qualified List: Public Art San Antonio (PASA), Dept. of Arts & Culture,
San Antonio, TX
2016 Selected Shortlist ARTPACE 2018 Programs,
San Antonio, TX
2016 Smither Park Commission Award Orange Show Center for Visionary Art,
Houston TX
2015 Selected Shortlist ARTPACE 2017 Artist-in-Residence program,
San Antonio, TX
2015 Finalist City of Dallas | Public Art Program - Fire Station #6 Sculpture Design
2015-17 Pre-Qualified Artist Pool City of El Paso’s Museums and Cultural Affairs Department
2015 Austin Mini MakerFaire
Austin, TX
2014 Selected Shortlist ARTPACE 2016 Artist-in-Residence Program,
San Antonio, TX
2014 Emerging Artist Pre-Qualify List, Public Art Program,
City of Dallas
Apogaea Art Installation Grant, Bailey, CO
2014 Texas Short List Artist to Watch ARTPACE, San Antonio, TX
2012 Art in Public Places, Austin, TX
2012 Texas Art Garden Grant, Austin, TX
2012 2006, 2005 & 2004 Orange Show Center for Visionary Art Grant, Houston, TX
2004 Houston Art Car Museum Grant, Houston, TX
2001 2000 & 1999 Burning Man Art Installation Grant, San Francisco, CA
1989 Massachusetts Arts Lottery Grant, Somerville, MA
1988 The Basil H. Alkazzi Award in Painting for travel to London - New York, NY


2019 "The Rowdy Women Take Over" Group Exhibition at South Texas Museum of Popular Culture, San Antonio, TX
2019 "One People, Many Paths: The Sacred Art of Altars" Celebration Circle 15th Annual Art Exhibtion, Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex,San Antonio, TX
2019 "All Hands On Deck" Skateboard Art Exhibition, Brick at Blue Star Arts, San Antonio, TX
2019 "25th Annual El Corazón Exhibtion" at Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX
2018 "Animals" Group Exhibition at The Art Car Museum, Houston, TX
2018  Two Person Exhibition Art Matters at Blue Star Art Complex, San Antonio, TX
2018 "Tex Pop Straight Jacket Film Awards Nite & Art Exhibition" South Texas Museum of Popular Culture, San Antonio, TX
2018 "Hot Concrete in July" Group Exhibition, Concrete Gallery, San Antonio, TX
2017 "30th Dia de Los Muertos Retablo Exhibition" Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX

"Sister Solidarity II" Group Exhibition, Movement Gallery/Galeris del Movimiento, San Antonio, TX
"23rd Annual El Corazon Exhibition" Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX
"Lives Matter" Group Exhibition, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX
"Dia de los Muertos Retablo Exhibition" Group Exhibition, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
"One People, Many Paths: Sacred Art of Altars" Group Exhibition, Santikos Bijou Cinema Gallery, San Antonio, TX
"Open Studio" All Woman Group Exhibition, Mercury Project, San Antonio, TX
"Sister Solidarity" Group Exhibition, Movement Gallery/Galeris del Movimiento, San Antonio, TX
"Bodies Exposed2 Person Show, Blue Star Arts Complex - produced by CAM, San Antonio, TX
"Art at the Jalapeno" Group Exhibition, High Wire Arts Gallery, San Antonio, TX
2016 "Art, Mind & Science" Group Exhibition, Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex, San Antonio, TX
2015 "EAST" Group Exhibition, Big Medium, Austin, TX
2015 "Reincarnation" Group Exhibition, The Art Car Museum, Houston, TX
2015  The Cube Project - Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, NV
2015 "Art at the Jalapeno" Group Exhibition, High Wire Arts Gallery, San Antonio, TX
2015  Austin Mini MakerFaire Draka the Dragon Palmer Events Center, May 16-17 Austin, TX
2015 "From Her: An Exhibition by Women about Women" In honor of National Women’s History Month
         at El Pueblo de Los Ángeles Historical Monument, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Group Exhibition, Ggallery Houston, TX
2014 ArtCrawl Group Exhibition at the Silo, Houston, TX
2014 "Una Noche en La Gloria - Contemporary Art in the Cultural Zone" Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, TX
2014 "Solo Show" Melinda Martinez Gallery, San Antonio, TX
2014 "Emergence" Apogaea Festival - Colorado Regional Burn, Boulder, CO
2014 "On and Off Fred" Group Exhibiton, San Antonio, TX
2013 "The Gun Show" Group Exhibition, The Art Car Museum, Houston, TX
2013 "White Linen Nights" Houston Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Houston, TX
2013 2nd Annual Group Exhibtion, Summer Street Arts Festival, Houston, TX
2012 Autin Creates Fan Fest - Draka the Dragon, Downtown Austin, TX
2012 Burning Flipside - Draka the Dragon, Apache Pass, TX
2012 Houston Art Car Parade - Draka the Dragon
2011 Burning Man FireBirds of 5th Direction Project Black Rock Desert, NV
2010 Electric Daisy Carnival – Big Art Studios & The Infinitarium Project, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Burning Man Infinitarium Project Black Rock Desert, NV
2009 "Ripper Society Exhibition & Auction" JellyFish Gallery San Francisco, CA
2009 "Planes, Trains, Bikes & Cars" Group Exhibition, The Art Car Museum, Houston, TX
2007 06 05 04 Everyones Art Car Parade Houston, TX Draka 1st Place Best Art Car in 2005.
2006 Art Outside at the Enchanted Forest Group Exhibition, Austin, TX
2005 ArtCrawl Commerce Street Group Exhibition, Houston, TX
2004 "Two Halves, One Whole: Exploring Gender Archetypes" SOMARTS Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2003 "Beyond Belief" Burning Man Art Festival, Draka the Dragon: Rebuilt after fire BRD, NV
2002 "The Floating World" Burning Man Art Festival, Dahud-Ahes the Mermaid BRD, NV
2001 "The Seven Ages" Burning Man Art Festival, Draka as Public Transport BRD, NV
2000 "The Body" Burning Man Art Festival, Draka the Flaming Metal Dragon: Spirit of "Man” Black Rock Desert, NV
1999 "The Wheel of Time" Burning Man Art Festival, Diana: Fertility Goddess as Sundial
1998 "The Whole Enchilada" Group Exhibition, Whole Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1997 "Eclectic New Works" Group Exhibition, Studio 402, San Diego, CA
1995 "TX2CH: Works on Paper" Group Exhibition, Galerie Tumb, Zurich, Switzerland
1994 "Trends in Mutilation" ArtSpace Group Exhibition curated by Linda Montano; Austin, TX
1993 "A Show Without Walls" Group Exhibition, The Artist’s Cooperative of Austin, TX
1993 "Women and Sexuality" Group Exhibition, The Alternate Current Art Space, Austin, TX
1991 "The Mother of All Group Shows" Group Exhibition, Speedway Gallery, Boston, MA
1990 "Salon des Refusees" Group Exhibition, Fauve Gallery, Amherst, MA
1990 "27: Exhibition of Grant Winners in Visual Arts" Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA
1989 "Figures and Faces" Group Exhibition, Wortzel Gallery, Boston, MA
1988 "Transforming the Narrative" Group Exhibition, Ariel Gallery, New York, NY
206 Mission Rd | San Antonio | Texas USA 78210