Friday, 14 December 2018

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Lisa is a conceptual artist whose passions lie in designing and constructing large-scale installation art.


A Collection of Photographs spanning over 30 years of Lisa "Peeing All Over the World!"

The story begins with Lisa's first trip to Europe in 1985 with sculptor and then partner Eric Midttun- The two spent a chilly summer night sleeping on a beach in northern France and this is where the concept for the book was first conceived. Lisa imagined NIGRO PISTOL as a coffee table entertainer which also contains her collection of "Vagainas in Rocks" series, as well as many of her artworks.

~ Nigro Pistol is scheduled to print Summer 2016 ~

Contact the artist to order a copy!

"Mr. Pinata SA" with "Nigro Pistol" in Hand
Melinda Martinez Gallery, Sept 2014


Design and layout of NIGRO PISTOL was created in collaboration with William Templin of King William Design in San Antonio, copyright 2013.