As a conceptual artist, I work with multiple mediums, across several disciplines while creating paintings, drawings, sculptures, and interactive installation art. My work is often inspired by mythology, nature, histories of peoples and culture, and at times has addressed the problematics of being a woman in a patriarchal society. Through the use of mythic icons I try to bridge the gap between HIStory and the Present, Patriarchy and Matriarchy, and the Old religions versus the New. The incorporation of the elements earth, air, fire, water, metal, and wood are integral to creating my work, as is the use of recycled materials and found objects.

I’ve always had an aversion yet helpless attraction to what is on the inside of us humans- the blood, guts, veins, fatty tissue, the gore. My most recent 2-dimensional works challenge me to look inside at hundreds of medical diagrams and conquer the nausea. While translating this disgust into beauty, I'm telling a story about human nature- the way we act, our emotionality vs. the amazing machine inside. By combining technical medical drawings of human anatomy with objects, images, and symbols on sheet music I tell a story that is something other than the children’s nursery rhyme hidden in the background. In tandem with this series, I am also creating paintings and collages on topo maps that symbolically tell the story of my life, of moving from one town or city to another since the age of eleven. Each is a reflection of that time in my life intertwined with events occurring in American history and influences of my Catholic upbringing.

When I was a child, I had yearned to be one of the boys. I wanted to be as strong, as fast, their equal. I built forts in the woods like them, tried to play sports as well as them; I seldom wore dresses, and never played with Barbie dolls. Now I wouldn’t trade anything to be a man but still desire that equality I knew was amiss even as a small child. That desire for equality has been a driving force in my art. Much like the forts I built and the games I created with the kids in my neighborhood, I now dream of building fortresses of steel, and playgrounds, for adults and children alike to escape to. I strive to create spaces where our world may be reinvented and where we might imagine that men and women can co-exist on equal terms.

It is the language of symbology that most interests me within my painting, and mythological story that draws me to create many of my large-scale sculptures. I seek out the experience of collaborating with others, whether they are fellow artists, skilled craftspeople, or volunteers. I’m drawn to the challenge of pulling together a team of people who work well together, for this situation allows everyone to have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by each other. In my search for co-collaborators, I generally look in the direction of those who “Aspire to Inspire” as much as I.

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